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In 1891 Dr. Alexander Chandler accumulated nearly 18,000 acres, naming it the Chandler Ranch. 1912, Chandler High School was started and is still going strong. 1980, the population was only 30,000, 1990, the area started to experience exponential growth. Chandler now counts a little over 238,000 residents. No further physical expansion can take place, because of natural boundaries. Chandler Arizona is a close-knit community, where everybody knows your name. In Chandler, there is a bubbly community with many services offered like blowouts in Scottsdale, house cleaning services and etc.
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Condominium construction and sales are brisk in Chandler. Communities are making concerted efforts to blend homes and amenities into the spectacular landscapes of the desert.

Rich beautiful color palettes are evident in these ultra-modern homes which you can review. The southwestern style is warm and rustic, influenced by the native people. Earth tones of desert sand and terracotta make these condominium homes truly amazing.

Modern conveniences of condominium lifestyles in Chandler are low maintenance with high luxury. New communities are in the planning stage while established neighborhoods are close to selling out. Designing home communities mean finding relationships with the land. Home and amenities must be a complement to the wonderful southwestern landscape, rather than an obstruction.

There are plenty of real estate companies serving the Chandler area. National brands will have a lot of local agents. With a few keyword searches, a buyer can find agents who know only the Chandler Arizona market. The informed agent, can show prospective buyers any type of homes for a particular need. There are varied condominium homes in Chandler, for each stage of a families lifecycle.

Things to do in Chandler are plentiful. The Desert Breeze Railroad is a perfect place for everyone.

The Railroad is 1/3 scale of the real thing with its own little red caboose. The train has limited runs, so check the website. The Desert Breeze Express winds its way around a park with a lot of fun attached. If one of your children has a birthday coming up, there is no better place to take them. An engineer party includes everything from the balloons to the Railroad cap.

The Veterans Oasis Park is another example of the unique southwestern style and beauty. The park is 113 acres of wetlands and dessert, perfectly preserved for residents to enjoy. There are plenty of activities available at the park. Hummingbird and butterfly habitats can be enjoyed. The park has miles of trails and viewing areas, with picnic tables to enjoy a lazy afternoon. There is also a fishing lake and an incredible solar system walk. Chandler serves as the doorway to Veterans Oasis Park with their Environmental Education Center. The EEC has exhibits, animals, and other activities for their guests.

Chandler Arizona is a diverse community of everything that is the best of the South West. Chandler counts world-class golf, plenty of things to do with your family and an endless supply of events and special occasions. Chandler has their own fashion center comprised of some of the best world brands available. The Chandler Fashion Center Mall comprises all the big box retailers, restaurants, even a huge 20 screen theatre. Of course, there is The Cheesecake Factory, Kona Grill along with great pizza. There is a great personal shopper and concierge for bus tours and other activities.