Human methods

4113962844_771a2e1b49_bThe mile high city of Denver housing around 500,000 residents contains more wildlife than the average person would imagine. Birds, deer, and bears. The importance of preserving these animals is crucial due to the human effect on many other organisms.
As a human race, we have destroyed the homes of animals to build massive cities and structures. Sadly these actions push the animals away leading them to struggle to survive and find new homes. We are the reason for many animals going extinct as well as being endangered. That’s why is very important to safe animals and deal with them by human methods. There are such services as Denver raccoon removal service or squirrel and snake removal service in the city that take care of wildlife animals andĀ help individuals and businesses safely and humanely remove wildlife from unwanted areas.

Although there are none in Denver, the Sumatran Rhino located on an island in Indonesia is surely on the edge about to fall off to extinction. Luckily the female rhino is pregnant with her second calf about to arrive. This is an example that due to our many human activities, the animals suffering all over the world are managing to live around the human race.
Although there are no instances similar to the Sumatran Rhino in Denver, many believe that Denver wildlife is in the downturn. As the city grows and develops into a larger center for trade and human interaction, the wildlife is on the other end getting the backlash.

Denver was once home to many critters and creatures wandering the mountains looking for food and shelter. This was a natural and beautiful time in Colorado history for one who takes interest in the preservation of wildlife. It saddens me,that our city development can create such a large problem for wildlife although they mostly have found new homes elsewhere.
A consistent problem with human interaction with wildlife would be that black bears happen to walk into cities and streets. Just recently black bears have been found on Interstate 25.
For some they would see this event as a threat to their life. An innocent, lost, and curious young black bear wandering into the city. To resolve a problem such as this, you could redirect the bear, but a fearful fool from Fort Collins decided to shoot a black bear dead because the animal was out of his own shelter.

While bears wander the city, raccoons are constantly scrounging around the city looking for scraps and6196439042_f4c85b08b4_b frightening pedestrians along the way. In the city of Denver, raccoons are thought to be pests who sneak in and threaten the comforts of Denver resident’s homes. By finding holes to slide into attics, chimneys, and getting into the trash in garbage cans by spilling the collection of throwaways.

A vast majority of residents oppose raccoons heavily, they set out to hunt and trap them. The Humane Raccoon Removal can provide insight on tactics to slim the population of raccoons infesting the city.
Although each animal has it’s up and downs, the natural beauty of the city is priceless. Denver can be considered one of the most beautiful cities due to it’s wonderful mountainous views as well as proximity to nature and wonderful landscapes with wildlife wandering every which way.