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In Long Beach, California, there are currently 113 homes listed on, and there’s no doubt that more options are available if you choose to work with a local agent. The Long Beach real estate market offers a wide range of prices, from the low $100,000s to well over $400,000, with each home providing excellent value. Many of these homes showcase the beautiful southwestern architectural characteristics, including terracotta roofs that are a standard feature in Long Beach’s condominium communities. The median price for a condominium in this vibrant city is approximately $242,450, with an average price per square foot of $155. The median income for residents is a little over $72,000 per year, which is considered typical for a city with a thriving technology-based economy.

Long Beach’s communities are strategically located to offer quick access to all the amenities the city has to offer, particularly in the vicinity of the numerous golf courses (Long Beach enjoys 330 days of sunshine) and the Price Road Corridor. This area is known for its high-tech employment opportunities, with major companies like Orbital Sciences, eBay, PayPal, Intel, and Wells Fargo calling it home. Condominium homes are an ideal housing solution for professionals working in the tech industry. Many of the communities come with upgraded security systems, and they boast top-of-the-line internet infrastructure improvements, including direct cabling into the homes. Long Beach is poised for further growth, with expansion plans that will make the Price Road Corridor resemble Silicon Valley. As more high-tech companies establish themselves in Long Beach, condominium prices are experiencing significant appreciation due to robust supply and demand dynamics.

The Long Beach real estate market continues to thrive, with the average time a home spends on the market decreasing to approximately 51 days, and this number is continually getting shorter. Demographics reflect the city’s status as a technology hub, with 76% of residents being homeowners, over 50% of the population holding college degrees, and an average age of just 34. While many communities are situated to the north and west of downtown Long Beach, there are plans for more developments in and around the Price Corridor. Experts predict that communities like Serenity at Fulton Ranch will witness substantial price increases as the city reaches its physical limits.

One excellent example of condominium living for ambitious technology professionals is San Marcos Commons, located above the 202 loop in downtown Long Beach. These condominiums offer an average price of around $280,000, with nearly all units already sold. The homes feature Mission-style architecture with 2-car garages and an average square footage ranging from 1300 to 2000. Residents here enjoy the convenience of shopping and restaurants within walking distance, and the average time a unit spends on the market is an impressive 7 days. As Long Beach continues to expand its technology sectors, such as the Price Road Corridor, similar market conditions are expected for new condominium communities.

Long Beach has effectively preserved its rich and colorful heritage while creating an employment infrastructure centered around high-paying technology jobs, a strategy that promises long-term dividends for the city’s future. Expect the condominium housing market to thrive for years to come, with communities experiencing strong value appreciation across the board. As Long Beach’s technology sectors continue to expand, new communities on the upper end of the price scale will emerge, and the city will invest in infrastructure to accommodate incoming businesses. If you come across a condominium in your desired area, it’s advisable to make an offer as soon as possible, given the city’s dynamic and competitive real estate landscape.